The OASIS CTI TC is pleased to announce the release of the FreeTAXII Server (version 0.3.1), the libstix2 library (version 0.5.1), and the TestLab testing tools (version 0.5.1).  This version of the FreeTAXII Server is artificially limited to only support STIX 2.1 Indicators and open authentication (meaning authentication has been artificially disabled).

The contributor, Bret Jordan,  included both MacOSX and Linux x64 prebuilt binaries.

In order to run the FreeTAXII Server you must generate a TLS certificates as outlined in the README file in the etc/tls/ directory.

About the FreeTAXII Server

FreeTAXII is a TAXII server written in Go (golang) supporting the soon to be released 2.1 version of the TAXII specification.


Binary Release:

About LibSTIX2 Library

libstix2 is a library for the Go programming language (golang) that supports STIX 2.1 and TAXII 2.1.


TestLab Testing Tools for TAXII

The TestLab tools are a collection of automated tests that can be used to test a TAXII 2.1 server.



SHA1 Hashes for the binary releases of the FreeTAXII Server:
928df2a7faaff9cd774a012565b85a848b3b490f freetaxii-0.3.1-linux64.tar.gz
c9fe4aac2c985b68cd21d73aea6c42b937e3a291 freetaxii-0.3.1-osx.tar.gz

Note: Please file any issues within the respective Github Issue trackers.