About Us

ISAO-Intel is a work product of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Network. The Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, Inc. (CTIN) is a US-based consulting and training firm incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Arizona.  Our founders are from the U.S. and Europe. Incorporated in 2014, we have a solid history of growth along with the the global cyber threat intelligence community.

Mission Statement

CTIN is a technology company dedicated to protecting organizations by incorporating the science of cyber threat intelligence into every service we offer and product we sell. We never forget that behind each sale is a real person who has placed their trust in us. We honor this trust by respecting our customers’ concerns, helping them feel safer online and offering world class customer support along with high quality solutions.

Our objectives for this product are:

  • Develop a user-friendly central resource for STIX2.1-related cyber threat intelligence tools and feeds
  • Provide insight on the ever-changing threat landscape
  • Serve as a central clearing house for shared cyber observables on ongoing threats

Meet our Team