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If you are providing professional services in cyber threat hunting, intelligence analysis, social media tracking or cyber law, we want to know.  We have formed an international community of professional legal and technology specialists that can offered expert services to communities seeking to protect their digital and financial assets.  

The SANS Institute has developed a list of twenty specialty careers in cybersecurity.  As you consider joining the Cyber Threat Intelligence Network affiliate framework, consider your own qualifications and your career objectives within this typology.  


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Cyber observable threat hunter

Social media threat hunter

Red teamer

Digital forensics analyst

Purple teamer

Malware analyst

Reverse engineer

Blue teamer

Security architect

Security engineer

Incident responder

Cybersecurity analyst

Cybersecurity intelligence analyst

OSINT investigator / analyst

Intrusion detection analyst

Security awareness officer

Vulnerability researcher

Application Pen Tester

ICS security assessor

ICS security engineer

IOT security assessor

IOT security engineer

Media exploitation analyst

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